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Industrial and household production

"Shipbuilding and repairing yard "Balkan" open joint-stock company has a manufacturing capacity of various ships, petroleum tanks, sea platforms, tows, boats, as well as various metal structures and finished goods, equipment, tools of household and industrial field.

Ship repair services

Scale removal from ship’s hull and large-sized steel lists, primer coating and painting.

Processing of large-size metal sheets

One of the main services provided by our shipyard is processing of large-size metal sheets, cleaning of rust, priming and painting. Our work in this field corresponds to international shipyard standards.

Manufacture of boilers and compressors

One more evidence to perfection of our engineering work is our activity in the field of boilers and compressors. Engineering works of this complex manufacture is performed by local Turkmen engineers and corresponds to requirements of metal work standards.

Manufacture of radiation plants

Radiation plants, which are widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture and greenhouse, also manufactured at "Shipbuilding and repairing yard "Balkan" open joint-stock company. Manufacture of these plants clearly shows cooperation of our shipyard with various industries.

Container painting works

OJSC “Shipbuilding and repairing yard “Balkan” at the request of clients, can perform repair, welding and painting services of different types of containers arriving to Turkmenbashy International Seaport.