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Balkan shipyard and ship repair plant

"Shipbuilding and repairing yard "Balkan" open joint-stock company in Turkmenbashy city is a first step of our country in the field of manufacture and repairing of shipyard, as well as important contribution to development of national economy and field of a sea and river transportation of country.

Total area of the factory is 166 000 m2. Production capacity of the shipyard allows to process 10 000 tons of steel per year. Thanks to modern technological equipment and automation system that corresponds to international requirements, it is possible to manufacture 4-6 ships. This production facility has all resources to process 2 000 tons of steel and conduct repairing works of 20-30 ships.

The shipyard is equipped with a system for round-trip operation and relocation of ships up to 10 000 ton lifting capacity in order to lower newly built and repaired ships to water and lift it from there for repairing.

84-ton capacity wheeled wharf crane, 42, 64, 80-ton capacity tracker cranes are used for various production works. Ship designing, project management, logistics, repairing, production, technical maintenance, quality and labor safety departments are working in coordination at the plant management.

"Makhtumkuli Fragi's well of mind" Year


This manufacturing enterprise has full capacity for the repair of 20-30 ships, processing 2000 tons of steel per year.

  • Ship repair services

    Scale removal from ship’s hull and large-sized steel lists, primer coating and painting.

  • Manufacture of boilers and compressors

    One more evidence to perfection of our engineering work is our activity in the field of boilers and compressors

  • Manufacture of radiation plants

    Radiation plants, which are widely used in various fields of industry also manufactured at "Shipbuilding and repairing yard "Balkan" OJSC


Balkan shipyard in numbers